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Learning theories try to understand how the learning process works. Psychology of learning is a discipline of science that studies how the process of learning impacts human behavior. At SWPS University, a leading psychology teaching and research center in Poland, we understand to role of learning in personal development and goal attainment. Therefore, we look forward to every spring, which for us is a harbinger of the upcoming academic year. Usually, in mid-April we open admissions to our university and we are getting ready to welcome new students. 

Looking forward to meeting new students

It is an exciting time for us, because we know that we will have a privilege to meet many talented young people, full of innovative ideas and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with a group of new students, who will arrive at SWPS University in October 2018.

Psychology Programs in English

Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)

Psychology - a good choice for everyone who is curious about human nature and would like to know how people think, what they feel, and how they react in various situations. The program is directed not only to future psychologists, but also to anyone who is considering a career based on interpersonal relations.

Graduate (Master’s degree)

Applied Psychology – a good choice for people who are interested in social psychological theory and its application in real life situations.

Clinical Psychology - a good choice for those, who are interested in mental and behavioral health and who want to help others to understand and overcome psychologically based distress as well as prevent emotional and social dysfunction in daily life.

Sociology Program in English

If you are interested in the way large groups of people and societies behave, you might want to study: If you are interested in the way large groups of people and societies behave, you might want to study: 

Sociology – our unique program is based on pairing students with academic supervisors (tutors). It focuses on social responsibility in the global digital era and is delivered primarily via lectures (including lectures by guest scholars from universities around the world), seminars, workshops and skill-labs.


Psychology Programs in Polish

If you speak Polish, you have a choice of several Psychology programs offered by SWPS University in Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań and Sopot, including:

Our Admissions Office is open.

We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you grow.

We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you and to support you in reaching your goals.