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The aim of SWPS University’s Psyche Space is to provide high quality educational content focused on the field of psychology and the benefits psychology brings when applied to various areas of personal and professional life. The project includes both online and offline activities, which support personal and professional development and are available to everyone, regardless of time and place.

Lectures and Workshops

Within the framework of SWPS University’s Psyche Space we offer open lectures and workshops that take place in all campuses of SWPS University, including Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Sopot and Katowice.

The events are an opportunity to meet renowned scholars who talk candidly about various applications of psychology in daily life. Every month, we focus on a different topic, for example: family, children, work, finances, love, sex, and relationships. We also show practical applications of psychology in business and new technologies.

Online Communication Channels

SWPS University’s Psyche Space enables free access to educational materials, which support personal and professional development and are available to everyone regardless of time and place. Our online channels of communication in English include the Psyche Space Blog and a discuss group on Facebook, where we present informative materials developed by renowned psychologist.

Our Psyche Space Blog is the central hub of the project and it provides the newest articles written by our experts and information about the upcoming events. Additionally, readers may subscribe to our electronic newsletter to stay current with the newest articles and events offered by SWPS University’s Psyche Space.

Additionally, we invite you to follow SWPS University’s Psyche Space on Facebook, where you will find updates on our latest articles published on the blog and on various events. It is also a place where members of the Psyche Space Facebook community may share interesting information related to psychology, ask questions or discuss psychological issues with other members of the group.

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