By conducting world-class interdisciplinary research, in collaboration with international partners, we actively participate in a global exchange of ideas. We focus on research projects that can be applied and implemented in various sectors of the economy and can improve the quality of life of individuals and whole communities.

With over 20 research centers and nearly 600 authors of scholarly papers, affiliated with SWPS University, we are one of the most active research universities in Poland. Psychology is visibly our strongest field of expertise, comprising more than 60 percent of our academic output in English, and securing the majority of our research grants. With over 20 percent of our publications in top world journals and over 2,400 papers in Scopus, SWPS University is a unique research-focused private higher education institution in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Research Institutes

SWPS University conducts research in humanities and social sciences, in the disciplines of psychology, literary studies, linguistics, cultural studies, sociology, political science, social communication, management studies, and law. We actively participate in international exchange of ideas. Our research institutes oversee research activities of our scholars.

Our Research Institutes

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Academic Status

SWPS University grants doctoral degrees in the following disciplines:
literary studies
cultural and art studies
politics, administration and public policy studies
SWPS University grants post-doctoral degrees (habilitacja) in the following disciplines:
cultural and art studies

To date, SWPS University has granted 393 doctoral degrees and 90 post-doctoral degrees (habilitacja). As of February 2021, SWPS University completed 9 proceedings to grant a title of a full professor.

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Prestigious A+ Category

SWPS University ranks among the top 6 percent of research centers in Poland, which have been granted the A+ category in social sciences, in the assessment conducted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Among all social sciences and humanities institutions with a social sciences profile, only three organizations received the highest A+ category, including our Faculties of Psychology in Warsaw and Wrocław.

The high standing of SWPS University has also been confirmed by A category given to our Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Warsaw, the Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań, and the Faculties of Psychology in Katowice and Sopot.

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Professional Team

Our team of academics includes many leading scholars in the area of humanities and social sciences, members of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Learning, recipients of grants in the MISTRZ (Master) program and the Polish Nobel, funded by the Foundation for Polish Science and granted to distinguished scholars.

The team of our lecturers also includes experts in their respective fields and seasoned practitioners, such as managers, entrepreneurs, attorneys at law, journalists, analysts, translators, artists, and designers. We are a community of people seeking knowledge and pursuing personal development, who use science to make the world a better place.

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Research grants

SWPS University is a recipient of numerous grants funded by the European Union as well as national and local funding agencies and organizations supporting the development of science and research in Poland. Between 2011 and 2019, the University received close to EUR 16 million in grants from the National Research Centre (NCN). It is the 4th highest grant amount provided to higher education institutions with a social sciences and humanities profile, in the country. Moreover SWPS University, as one of only two Polish non-public higher education institutions, has been granted nearly EUR 3 million from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from the Regional Initiative of Excellence Program (Regionalna Inicjatywa Doskonałości) for the implementation of the 2019-2022 research strategy in Social Sciences.

Our scientists can also count on the support of the Office for Research, which provides comprehensive services related to granting procedures and research project coordination.

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Over 200 research projects annually

Our faculty members have a significant impact on the development of many scientific disciplines. The results of their research projects contribute to the economy and social policy.

Currently, we are conducting 223 research projects worth close to EUR 24.5 million. The University receives grants from numerous granting institutions, such as the National Science Centre, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Foundation for Polish Science, the National Centre for Research and Development, and the European Structural Funds. Only in 2019, SWPS University was granted over EUR 9 million for research projects.

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World Class Publications

Research papers, articles and monographs authored by our scholars are published in prestigious international scientific journals and contribute to the visibility of Polish science around the world. Two times in a row, SWPS University was awarded the Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Award in the Humanities category, in recognition of its contribution to the quality and internationalization of Polish science.

The Scopus database includes close to 2,400 publications authored by 600 researchers affiliated with SWPS University, of which 20 percent was published in the highly ranked journals, and 10 percent is among the most cited publications in the world. According to SciVal, 46 percent of publications co-authored by our scholars was published in collaboration with scientists from other countries and their citation factor is 7.8 percent per publication.

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Research Centers

There are over twenty research centers at SWPS University that conduct interdisciplinary local and international research projects. For example, the Trauma and Crisis Research Center develops effective techniques helping people cope with traumatic events; the Center for Research in Economic Behavior combines the latest research from the field of social psychology and the practice of financial markets; the Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites conducts research on the economic, financial and management processes related to the development, functioning and commemoration of memorial sites around the world; the Laboratory of Affective Neuroscience focuses on experimental neurocognitive research, while the Center for Trauma & Dissociation researches clinical consequences of psychological trauma and the diagnostics of post-traumatic conditions.

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Knowledge Transfer

Through research, consulting and provision of training, SWPS University supports entrepreneurs, businesses and the public sector in the implementation of innovative projects, which improve the lives of individuals and communities. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach and research-based knowledge, we offer comprehensive solutions aligned with the needs of our partners.

For example, the HumanTech Center develops social and technological innovations in collaboration with engineers, IT professionals, business partners and local governments, while the Center for Knowledge Transfer liaises with the business sector and supports researchers in commercialization of their research results.

Applied Science

Much of our research is oriented towards practical applications that answer real needs of the changing world. For example, the BEVIADO system for the design, evaluation and sharing of mobile psychological interventions, program BLIŻEJ (Closer) focused on eliminating peer discrimination among teenagers, the RESQL system for the prevention of peer violence in schools, MEMO, a tool supporting cognitive functions in seniors, PHOTON, an educational robot for children, supporting the development of programming skills, JASNOPIS, a computer application that helps to create clear messages and texts and the TEMPEST program aimed at prevention of obesity in children and youth.

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HR Excellence in Research

HR Excellence in Research

As a research institution that meets the requirements of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, developed by the European Commission, SWPS University was granted the right to display the HR Excellence in Research logo, in 2016. We are committed to creating a stimulating environment for scientific research by supporting multiple initiatives, adhering to the equal opportunity policy, supporting mobility of academic staff, providing training, and securing financing for research projects.

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Research Infrastructure

Thanks to the Research Development Fund, SWPS University constantly expands the number of its professional laboratories enabling our researchers to conduct advanced research. The laboratories are equipped with the latest professional tools and software for data analysis, such as SONA and the Qualtrics system. Our researchers and students have access to interview rooms with one-way mirrors, audio-visual recording equipment, and equipment for behavioral research, such as Cedrus Response Pad and accelerometers, as well as psychophysiological research tools including eye-trackers, electroencephalographs (EEG), galvanometers (GSR), transcranial direct current stimulators (tDCS), and electromyographs (EMG).

Knowledge Sharing

SWPS University is committed to education beyond our campuses and to sharing knowledge with the global community. We organize numerous open lectures and workshops on different topics, including psychology, culture, management and design. We are present on all major online platforms to enable anyone, no matter the place, time or financial means, to learn from our experts.

The quality and value of the content we provide on these platforms, as well as in the local and national media, continues to attract a growing number of viewers and subscribers and has been recognized by the media and marketing sectors with numerous awards granted to SWPS University.

Sharing knowledge on

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