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HumanTech Meetings is a project of SWPS University's HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovation. The aim of the project is to initiate cooperation between the technology sector and social scientists to present different perspectives on phenomena such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, robotics as well as virtual and augmented reality. The project is planned as a series of meetings, gathering academics and professionals from the technology sector from Poland and other countries. Each meeting will include two lectures, one delivered by a speaker from Poland and one presented by a guest from another country. The lectures will be followed by panel discussions, where panelists will represent different approaches to innovation and technology. The first meeting is planned for October 2019.

If you would like to participate in the forum as a speaker or a panelist, please complete the registration form below ».


Idea Behind the HumanTech Meetings

We live in an era of innovation, technological progress and digitalization. New start-ups, R&D departments, investment funds, crowdfunding platforms as well as innovation incubators and accelerators are thriving around the world. Everyone wants to meet the needs of customers (or create new needs) and get their share of the market. At the same time, this current innovation drive may lead to unpredictable psychological and social outcomes. Therefore, it is crucial to establish collaborations between engineers, programmers, IT specialists and social scientists during initial phases of any new projects related to development of new technologies or services. Such collaborations may help to avoid mistakes and can support better development of new ideas.

“Our experience gained during numerous collaborations with external partners specializing in technology has shown that social scientists and technology experts have different views on these issues and that we can complement each other. Moreover, we firmly believe in the power of combining Polish and foreign perspectives. This has inspired us to develop an international forum for exchange of ideas, which will allow us to take advantage of the combined potential of social sciences and technology. Our HumanTech Meetings project is the first initiative of its kind among Polish higher education institutions”, Konrad Maj, Ph.D., Head of the HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovation at SWPS University.

Project Team

258 konrad maj


Konrad Maj

Project Lead
Head of HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovation

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Ewa Łuczak

Meeting Coordinator

Organizing Team

Leon Ciechanowski
Zuzanna Fili
Kamil Jabłoński
Anna Kovbasiuk
Adrianna Sowińska
Paweł Zarzycki
Szymon Żółtański



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The HumanTech Meetings project is funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, under the “Promotion of Science” funding scheme - contract no. 792/P-DUN/2019.

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  • Center for Innovation at SWPS University

Head of the Project:

  • Konrad Maj, Ph.D.

Meeting coordinator:

  • Ewa Łuczak

Marketing & PR:

  • Dominika Wawrzyniak
  • Magdalena Chorzępa

Technology alone is not enough. It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.

Steve Jobs



HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovation at SWPS University
e-mail: ci@swps.edu.pl

Head of HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovation
Konrad Maj, Ph.D.
tel: 602-402-781

HumanTech Meetings

Events 24-06-2021

HumanTech Meetings: Fighting Disinformation with Science and Technology

From its first appearance on the world’s stage, the biological virus SARS-CoV-2 has been accompanied by a social virus – an extremely dangerous virus of disinformation. The coronavirus pandemic has...

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Events 15-04-2021

HumanTech Meetings: New Technologies and Old-New Human Senses

Humans learn about the world using their senses. Sometimes, modern technologies limit human sensory experience. For example, when instead of directly touching and tasting nature, one experiences it only through...

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Events 12-04-2021

HumanTech Meetings: Technology Isn’t Everything. Digital Data Managment

The problem of data governance is one of the most important for the Digital Development. There are many new opportunities for the economic and social growth in various areas, raning ...

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Events 14-03-2021

HumanTech Meetings: Cyborgization. How much of a human will live on in humans?

Continuous improvements in technology allow us to build intelligent machines and various implants and prosthesis. On the other hand, constantly improving capabilities for brain exploration (brain atlases) help us understand...

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Events 10-12-2020

HumanTech Meetings: Cybersecurity - Building Resilience to Digital Viruses & Other Online Threat…

The difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic has made us turn to the virtual world. The rapid technological development, despite its benefits, also carries newer and newer threats for internet...

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Events 02-12-2020

Humantech Meetings: Are robots human too? About human-intelligent machine interaction

Not so long ago, robots were the subject of sci-fi movies or production lines in some industries. Nowadays, the use of robots in hospitals, hotels or coffee shops has been...

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Events 25-11-2020

Humantech Meetings: Virtual Reality of Our Times

Increasingly often we escape the real world by diving into virtual reality, thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) solutions. Film narration changes following technological...

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Events 19-10-2020

Humantech Meetings: Virtual Reality (VR) in Psychological Practice

Without a doubt, Virtual Reality is the main technology currently used by psychologists, including both, therapists and researchers. VR enables people to enter a completely different world for a while...

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Events 17-12-2019

HumanTech Meetings: Following Big Data

Meeting in Polish: Treasures hidden in King Salomon’s Mines pale in comparison to the abundance of data available to corporations, governments and various organizations thanks to digital warehouses of Big...

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Events 11-12-2019

Humantech Meetings: Technological and Ethical Aspects of AI

Robots and autonomous machines are slowly, but surely, infiltrating human environment. Municipalities are testing self-driving cars and buses, governments and businesses are considering policing or delivering goods by drones, and...

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Events 29-11-2019

Humantech Meetings: AI and Digital Age

We live in an age where Alexa and Siri manage households, our cellphones communicate with our fridges and where corporations and governments collect enormous amount of personal information about individuals...

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Events 10-10-2019

Humantech Meetings: Anthropology and UX Design

Over the past 50 years, we have been experiencing rapid and profound technological changes that impact the way we live and behave. On the one hand technology is making our...

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