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Neurocognitive Research Center (NRC)



The Neurocognitive Research Center (NRC) researches various aspects of neuroplasticity of the brain. Scientists focus on neuroplasticity in populations exposed to behavior modifying variables, in particular significant cognitive functions. The modifications include factors that have a negative impact, such as depressive disorders, aging or substance abuse, or a positive influence, such as cognitive training.

The Center is affiliated with the Institute of Psychology, at SWPS University.

Research Teams

NRC includes five research teams:

  • PlasticityTeam – researches neurocognitive changes caused by different types of learning interventions, such as cognitive training, video games, etc.
  • WeedTeam – researches cognitive functioning in people who are occasionally using or are addicted to psychoactive substances, especially Cannabis.
  • GutTeam – researches the influence of the gut microbiome on cognitive, emotional and social function.
  • MoodTeam – researches changes in cognitive functions associated with variations in electric activity of the brain, in people suffering from mood disorders.
  • EEGTeam –develops methods of analyzing EEG signals. Mikołaj Magnuski, Head of the EEGTeam, specializes in the development of new methods of data analysis and provides computer programming support to the members of NCRC. He collaborates with Professor Erick Maris from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, at Radboud University in the Netherlands. As part of the EEGTeam activity, NCRC conducts studies in collaboration with Dr. Ueli Rutishauser from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.


Research Team


258 Jakub traczyk

Associate Professor

Aneta Brzezicka, Ph.D.

Head of the Neurocognitive Research Center

258 Natalia Kowalczyk


Natalia Kowalczyk Ph.D.

Head of the PlasticityTeam

258 Katarzyna Kuc


Katarzyna Kuć, Ph.D.

Head of the GutTeam
specializes in cognitive neuroscience

258 Alicja Binkowska


Alicja Bińkowska

Head of the WeedTeam
pursuing a doctorate in psychology at SWPS University


258 Aleksandra Kołodziej


Aleksandra Kołodziej, Ph.D.

Head of the MoodTeam

258 Mikołaj Magnuski

Teaching Assistant

Mikołaj Magnuski

Head of the EEGTeam
psychologist, specializes in cognitive neuroscience


SWPS University
Institute of Psychology
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Neurocognitive Research Center
Institute of Psychology
e-mail: ncrc@swps.edu.pl