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The Gallery was established in 2011. From the very beginning it has been growing thanks to the engagement of students and lecturers of our graphic design program. Between 2011 and 2018, the Gallery organized 39 temporary exhibitions, including cyclical design events, such as: “Change by Design”, “Exchange of New Design” and “Legaldesign”. In 2019, the Gallery has been transformed from a Faculty to a University unit, which is reflected in the new name: Graphic Design Gallery of SWPS University.

The goals of the Gallery are to foster and present visual art created by the community of students and academics, to provide a common platform for exchange of artistic ideas and a visual reflection on social changes. The Gallery cooperates with other universities and institutions.



Michał Jakubowicz

Assistant Professor Michał Jakubowicz

visual artist, researcher of media communication (doctoral degree in design)

In his work, he focuses on the theory and practice of visual arts as a way of reflecting on culture and communication. Since 2014, he has been working on the subPark project that involves photography of public art in parks that were destroyed by natural disasters. He examines the contribution of art to the reinterpretation of cultural heritage, processes of appropriation, assimilation, and inclusion of nature’s communicative role into social discourse. He combines abstract and documentary imagery with social reflection. Since 2019, he has been managing the Graphic Design Gallery of SWPS University. Contact:mjakubowicz@swps.edu.pl


Organizing Team

Małgorzata Ciesielska

Wojciech Jastrzębski

Renata Kosiaty

Kamil Rydz

Katarzyna Sabiniarz

Maria Tymczenko