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Instytut Prawa realizuje cele bieżące w zakresie koordynowania działalności naukowej i integracji środowiska prawniczego Uniwersytetu SWPS. Organizuje i koordynuje przedsięwzięcia publikacyjne. Odpowiada również za rozdział środków na działalność naukową i monitoruje ich wykorzystanie.


The Institute of Law was established on October 1, 2019. It coordinates and oversees research projects of legal professionals at SWPS University. The Institute has the authority to grant doctoral degrees and post-doctoral degrees (habilitacja) in the discipline of law. Associate Professor Teresa Gardocka is Director of the Institute and ex officio Chair of the Scientific Board.



258 teresa gardocka

Associate Professor

Teresa Gardocka


258 Dariusz Jagielło

Associate Professor

Dariusz Jagiełło


258 Paweł Daniel

Associate Professor 

Paweł Daniel


Scope of Activity

The Institute of Law coordinates and oversees research and fosters integration of legal professionals, both researchers and teaching-researchers, who work at the Faculty of Law in Warsaw, the Faculty of Law and Communication in Wrocław, and the Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań.

The Institute also coordinates publication activities. The latest publication comprises three tomes of a series Komentarze do Konstycji RP [Commentaries to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland], two edited by Professor Marek Chmaj and one by Professor Hubert Izdebski, were published recently. Subsequent tomes are in preparation.

Moreover, the Institute manages SWPS University’s research budget earmarked for studies focused on the discipline of law, and monitors its spending.

Long-Term Goals

The main goal of the Institute for the year 2020 is achieving the best possible evaluation marks in the assessment of research institutions, for the years 2017-2020.

The long-term goals are as follows:

  • to increase the number of grants for law-related studies, provided by national granting bodies, and obtain European grants for studies conducted by interdisciplinary teams that include psychologists, sociologists and political scientist
  • to achieve the desired number of publications in foreign journals during the next evaluation period
  • to establish research cooperation with foreign research centers that conduct studies on human rights, medical law and European law

Doctoral Seminars

The Institute conducts seminars for doctoral candidates in the discipline of law. The Director of the Institute is the Head of the program. Ms. Agnieszka Budrewicz coordinates the seminars. Program description and admissions rules and regulations »



Office of Institute Directors

Head: Ewa Wilkońska
tel: +48 22 517 97 77
Specialist: Agnieszka Budrewicz
tel: 22 517 99 77
e-mail: bdi@swps.edu.pl
Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00-16.00


SWPS University
Chodakowska 19/31, room 202
03-815 Warsaw