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Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites
Adam Szpaderski

Head: Associate Professor Adam Szpaderski


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The Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites conducts research on the economic, financial and management processes related to the development, functioning and maintenance of memorial sites around the world. Other activities of the Center include, diagnosis of the financial and administrative requirements of memorial sites, gathering and analysis of good practices, and the development of measures of effectiveness, related to the operation of various memorial sites around the world. The Center develops interdisciplinary networking opportunities for people and institutions involved in the development and running of memorial sites, by organizing seminars and conferences. It also researches and promotes the standards of management and commemoration that have been developed in Poland, according to the recommendations of the Wannsee Memorandum.

Center for the Study of Democracy
Radosław Markowski

Head: Professor Radosław Markowski


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Center for the Study of Democracy focuses on theory and models of democracy. It researches citizen participation in democratic and political processes, assesses the quality of democracy in Poland, observes social and political movements, and studies political views and attitudes. The Center cooperates with other research centers in Poland and abroad and with NGOs. The research findings collected by the Center do not merely enrich the body of knowledge, but they also identify good practices, which have positive impact on the public sphere.

Youth Research Center
Paulina Pustułka

Head: Associate Professor Paula Pustułka


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Youth Research Center conducts interdisciplinary research into the behaviors and habits of youth at various stages of life and professional activity.

Researchers study the key aspect of adolescent life, including addictions, entry into the workforce, political behaviors and parenting in the digital age. The Center focuses on social, cognitive and emotional skills of teenagers and works towards strategies that help young people face the challenges of modern life.

The Center plans to establish permanent cooperation with education and employment institutions, NGOs, and think-tanks to develop programs supporting youth, parents, and educators in various life situations.



Office of Institute Directors

Head: Ewa Wilkońska
tel: +48 22 517 97 77
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tel: 22 517 99 77
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