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Ewa Gruszczyńska

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs
Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Department of Health Psychology


Psychologist. Since 2003, she has been working at the Warsaw Faculty of Psychology, where she is Head of the Department of Health Psychology and Director of the Institute of Clinical Psychology. She is also Head of professional certification and training programs in Psychosomatics and Somatopsychology as well as Psycho-oncology: Therapeutic Approaches.

Her research interests focus on stress, including everyday problems and critical life events. In particular, she researches how the process of dealing with stress works and what  factors determine its effectiveness. In her research, she seeks answers to questions, such as: why some people cope with stress better than others, how the process of emotion regulation looks like in stressful situations, and wheather there is a link between the quantity and the quality of strategies for coping with stress and one's well-being.

She is also interested in the process of adaptation to critical life events and chronic diseases. She also studies the relationship between psychological stress and broadly understood health. Currently, she is researching the role of stress-coping strategies in the process of professional burnout and among people suffering from HIV/AIDS. 

Winner of SWPS University Rector's Award (2014) and numerous Dean of the Faculty of Psychology Awards for top marks achieved in student assesments of lecturers.

She is Board Member of the Health Psychology section of the Polish Psychologcial Association as well as Member of the Editorial Committees for the following journals: Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being and Behavioral Medicine. Between 2013-2016, she was Board Member of the European Health Psychology Society, and currently she holds the positoin of a national delegate. Moreover, she is a Founding Member and Secretary of the Central and Eastern European Society of Behavioral Medicine.

In 2012, she received a DAAD scholarship and was a visiting researcher at the Freie Universität in Berlin, at the invitation of Prof. Ralf Schwarzer. Between 2013-2017, she was the Principal Investigator in a research project "Values and cultural norms for positive aging: A Polish-German comparison", funded by the Polish-German Foundation for Science (PNFN).

At SWPS University she lectures on health psychology, with the focus on stress and stress coping strategies.