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Mikołaj Rogiński

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Institute of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences in Warsaw
Department of Management


Management expert. His research focus on peer production organizations and various aspect of IT technologies, including the impact of new technologies on privacy, IT projects and companies, applications of IT solutions in management, as well as development paths of new technologies and their impact on organizations and society.

He is also interested in organizations developing the so-called open knowledge, such as Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap. He researched Wikipedia and open source programming.

He applied his analytical expertise while working for the public administration, where he provided analysis required to develop legislation. He also has experience in consulting and providing analysis for other sectors.

His main publications include: “Przyczyny wykorzystania i dyfuzja otwartego oprogramowania w firmach informatycznych” (Reasons for use and diffusion of open source programming in IT companies), in: Cz. Szmidt (ed.), “Aktualne wyzwania zarządzania i ekonomii” (Current challenges of management and economy), Warsaw 2013, pp. 351–365; “Instytucjonalizacja Wikipedii – prawie jak hipisi” (Institutionalization of Wikipedia - Almost Like the Hippies), "Problemy Zarządzania" (Management Problems), 2/2011 (32), pp. 193–204.

At SWPS University, he teaches concepts of management, project management, and economy of the digital world.

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