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SWPS University Press, Academica, was established in 2002. Academica operated until 2011, when it was renamed Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu SWPS. The press issues a variety of scientific publications focused on the area of humanities and social sciences, including psychology, sociology, literature, philosophy, education, ethics, and history.

SWPS University Publications

SWPS University Press publishes handbooks, monographs, course materials, journals, and doctoral and post-doctoral thesis authored by SWPS University academics.

The publishing house partners with acclaimed academic editors on various projects, including book co-publishing and specialist input into various publications.

Publications of Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu SWPS are sold in scientific and academic bookstores and Empik stores across the country. Selected publications are available in electronic format (e-book) on the ibuk.pl portal.


Scientific Book Fair in Poznań

  • Media audiowizulane [Audiovisual Media], a book edited by Wiesław Godzica and co-published with Wydawnictwo akademickie i profesjonalne (WAiP), received a Special Recognition Award, in the Father Edward Pudełko Competition for the best academic handbook of 2011, at the 15th Scientific Book Fair in Poznań.
  • Wyróżnienie Kulturo-znawstwo dysciplina bez dyscipliny [Cultural Studies, a Discipline without Discipline], edited by Wojciech Burszta and Michał Januszkiewicz, received an honorable mention, at the 14th Scientific Book Fair in Poznań.

Academia Book Fair

  • Romowie 2009. Między wędrówką a edukacją [The Roma People 2009. Between Migration and Education], edited by Barbara Weigl, received an honorable mention in the competition for the best academic book, at the 4th Academica Book Fair in 2010.

Education Book Fair

  • Media audiowizulane [Audiovisual Media], a book edited by Wiesław Godzica and co-published with Wydawnictwo akademickie i profesjonalne (WAiP), received an Education Book Fair Medal in 2010.

Teofrast Award

  • Język jako przedmiot badań psychologicznych [Language as a Subject of Psychological Research], edited by Ida Kurcz and Hanna Okuniewska, was nominated for the Teofrast Award in the Best Psychology Book category in 2010.
  • Kulturowe ramy zachowań społecznych [The Cultural Framework of Social Behaviors] by Paweł Boski, co-published with Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers), received the Teofrast Award for the Best Psychology Book in 2009. Two other publications of Academica were shortlisted for the same prestigious award in the Best Scientific Book category.

Scientific Journals


Azja-Pacyfik [Asia-Pacific] is the first professional scientific journal devoted to contemporary political and economic issues of the region, in Poland. The journal strives to present the region from the global, rather than Eurocentric perspective. Therefore, almost every issue of the periodical includes articles by Asian authors, who bring the Asia-Pacific perspective to the presented topics. The journal is a scientific compendium of knowledge on the East, and to a lesser degree, South Asia. Additionally, it presents the current global research, attitudes and views on the region.

Azja-Pacyfik was first published in 1998, on the initiative of Professor Krzysztof Gawlikowski, who at the time served as the President of the Society of Asia and Pacific in Poland. The publisher of the first issue was Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek [Adam Marszałek Publishers] based in Toruń, which continues to publish the periodical to this day. Beginning with the issue nr 9/2006, the journal has been published under the auspices of SWPS University. Azja-Pacific is edited by academics from the Department of Asian Studies of SWPS University: Professor Krzysztof Gawlikowski, the Chairman of the Academic Programs Committee, Editor in Chief from 1998 to 2004, and again since 2013 and Małgorzata Ławacz, Ph.D., Editor in Cheif from 2004 to 2013. In 2015, Azja-Pacific published its 17th issue.

Azja-Pacific webpage >>


Themis Polska Nova is a professional periodical focused on legal matters, founded by the Faculty of Law at SWPS University. The editors view the journal as a platform for discussion on all aspects and areas of law, which is open to all contributors. Although the editors focus on subjects aligned with the research areas of the Faculty, including cultural heritage preservation, medical law and intellectual property law, they would also like to maintain a broad spectrum of topics and analyses.

The editors and publishers of Themis Polska Nova welcome all views and opinions and strive to ensure the freedom of expression and debate, voiced on the pages of the periodical. They are also open to new trends and challenges of the legal profession. “We would like to be seen as a journal without internal censorship, a periodical that presents multiple view points and one that welcomes both, the experts of law and young lawyers at the beginning of their careers.” 

The title of the journal refers to the tradition of the best Polish legal publications and is a commitment to the professionalism and quality of writing and debate upheld by the previous generations of lawyers.

Themis Polska Nova webpage >>


Kultura Popularna [Popular Culture] is a peer reviewed quarterly scientific journal that has been published under the leadership of its Editor in Chief, Professor Wiesław Godzica, since 2002. The journal focuses on the analyses of culture of every-day life, new technologies, contemporary art, interests of mass society and all new trends in popular culture. Kultura Popularna strives to capture dynamic changes, occurring in popular culture, in all their aspects, including those that are considered to be controversial or taboo by the society.

The journal publishes articles on topics from various disciplines of study, including cultural studies, film and media studies, cultural anthropology, art history, sociology, and many others. Since 2012, Kultura Popularna has been published online.

Kultura Popularna webpage >>

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