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Since its inception in 2002, the Faculty of Psychology in Sopot at SWPS University has educated 1,600 students. The Faculty has been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the innovative curriculum, including the only psycho-sexology program in Poland. The college has the authority to grant doctoral degrees in Psychology. 




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Associate Professor

Romana Kadzikowska-Wrzosek


Wiesław Baryła

Assistant Professor 

Wiesław Baryła

Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs

Agnieszka Popławska

Assistant Professor 

Agnieszka Popławska

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

Edyta Bonk

Assistant Professor 

Edyta Bonk

Dean's Representative for Practicum


The Faculty of Psychology in Sopot offers programs of study with several specializations, including: diagnostic methods, crisis intervention, marketing strategy and consumer behavior, personal and career coaching, mediation and psychotherapy and the only psycho-sexology program in Poland. Additionally, it offers post-graduate studies for students wishing to continue their education.

One of the Best Psychology Programs in Poland

The Psychology Program offered at SWPS University in Sopot ranks among the top three programs of its kind in Poland, together with studies available at the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. More information »

Innovative Program of Study

The unique Psychology Program at SWPS University in Sopot was created in cooperation with the business community. It has been recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as one of the most innovative programs of study in Poland and received 1M PLN for further development, student internships and the activities of student research groups. More information »

External Assessment and Accreditation

In 2010, the Faculty of Psychology in Sopot Sopot was assessed by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA), the only statutory body in Poland responsible for assessment of the quality of education provided by higher education institutions. The program received high scores for the following categories: qualifications of academic staff, the quality of education and scientific research.

Best Specialists

The team of academics in Sopot includes renowned experts: Professor Bogdan Wojciszke, authority in psychology of love and power; Professor Tomasz Maruszewski, specialist in cognitive psychology as well as emotion and stress psychology; Professor Wiesław Łukaszewski, personality psychology expert; Professor Alina Kolańczyk, emotion psychology specialist; and Professor Krystyna Drat-Ruszczak, psychopathology expert.

Participation in Research Projects

The Faculty of Psychology in Sopot offers students an opportunity to develop their research skills by participation in a program called Pomocnicy Badacza [Research Assistants]. The program provides practical experience of working with academic researchers on actual research projects.

Senior University

In partnership with Senior University, the Faculty of Psychology in Sopot offers various psychology-based programs of continuous development for people over 50 years of age. The programs cover topics such as: career and job market issues in pre-retirement age as well as lifestyle changes and adjustments in retirement. Participants may choose from a variety of lectures and workshops, including: better communication, creative thinking and educational kinesiology (brain gym).  More information »

Science and Research

Scientific research conducted by academics at the Faculty of Psychology in Sopot has been recognized by professionals in the field and by various institutions. Only in 2015, the Faculty received financial grants in the total amount of 4.5M PLN from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Science Centre, The Foundation for Polish Science, and the European Union. These funds supported 37 research projects.

Research Centers

Sopot Social Cognition Lab (SCL) conducts research in the field of social psychology, in cooperation with universities in Germany, Holland, and the USA. Some research topics include: the differences in information processing pertaining to morality and causality, consequences of being in positions of power, attitudes towards money, and psychological distance. 

Laboratory of Applied Psychology: Cognition, Emotion and Decision Making (CEDLab) specializes in application of cognition, emotion and motivation research in organizational behavior. CEDlab cooperates with the Center for the Study of Human Cognition in Oslo, Norway. More information »

Best Research Project

The research team, led by Professor Bogdan Wojciszke from the Faculty of Psychology in Sopot, was awarded the main prize in the MAESTRO competition, organized by the National Sciences Centre. The team received a grant in the amount of 2.5M PLN for a 5-year research project that on communal and agentic content in social cognition.

Young Researchers

The Faculty of Psychology in Sopot supports young researchers. Some of the projects include: Jacek Buczny, Ph.D. - analysis of self-regulation mechanisms in impulsive behaviors, such as eating, shopping and gambling; Katarzyna Cantarero, Ph.D. – correlation between wellbeing and the search for meaning; Marta Roczniewska, M.A. – the impact of goal setting on life and interpretation of reality. In 2012, Marta Roczniewska received Solomon Asch Award for the best publication by a young researcher for her article Cel uświęca środki, a niekiedy przszkody? Preferencje zależne od nastawienia regulacyjnego [Automatic evaluation as a function of regulatory focus and goal pursuit].

Laboratory for Experimental Research

The Laboratory for Experimental Research (LBE) offers facilities with computer work stations equipped with research applications, such as E-Prime and Inquisit, which are used in psychology experiment design, implementation, and analysis.

Doctoral degrees

The Faculty of Psychology in Sopot has the authority to grant doctoral degrees in Social Sciences, in the field of Psychology.


Office of Student Affairs

SWPS University, Faculty of Psychology in Sopot
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Dean's Office

SWPS University, Faculty of Psychology in Sopot
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