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Sylwia Bedyńska



Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw
Head of the Department of Psychological Research Methods


Psychologist. Her research interests focus on the effects of stereotyping. She researches the phenomenon of stereotype threat or how negative labelling of capabilities in a group impacts the actual achievements and social performance of the group members. On the bases of mind models and strategies used in the process of making assumptions, she analyzes how stereotype thereat impacts cognitive processes. She also researches the influence of stereotype threat on job satisfaction and the level of professional burnout, as well as the impact of a negative image activation on the efficiency of operational memory, self-image, and social environment.

Moreover, she is interested in errors occurring while processing numeric information and the phenomenon of intellectual helplessness occurring when one is unable to solve cognitive tasks, despite effective effort put into solving the problem. Her other professional interests include learning problems of gifted students.

She co-authored the following books: Kim jestem? Przeciwdziałania stereotypizacji i stygmatyzacji osób z ograniczeniami sprawności (Who am I? Prevention of stereotyping and stigmatization of people with physical disabilities) (2010), and Statystyczny Drogowskaz 3. Praktyczny przewodnik wykorzystania modeli regresji oraz równań strukturalnych (Statistical Signpost 3. A Practical Guide to Using Regression Models and Structural Equations) (2013).

At SWPS University, she teaches statistics and methodology of psychological research.

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