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BIO Sylwiusz Retowski


Sylwiusz Retowski

Ph.D. / Associate Professor


Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Sopot
Department of Organizational and Marketing Psychology


Psychologist. He specializes in work and organizational psychology. He is interested in employee attitudes towards organizations, especially surreptitious attitudes. He also researches the psychological cost of work, in particular the cost related to uncertain and inadequate employment. He analyses psychological determinants of unemployed individuals, especially the role a sense of responsibility plays in coping with unemployment.

He published numerous articles on the job market, employee motivation, and unemployment. His book Bezrobocie i odpowiedzialność [Unemployment and Responsibility] was published in 2011.

He is a member of the Polish Society of Social Psychology (PSPS), the Polish Association of Organizational Psychology, and the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP).

He designed numerous studies and written expert reports on unemployment. He also provides consultations on organizational research.