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BIO Tadeusz Rachwal


Tadeusz Rachwał



Institute of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw
Department of English Studies


English philologist and culture and literature expert. His research interests focus on the function of literature in culture, contemporary critical theory, and culture studies. He specializes in interdisciplinary studies bridging philosophy and literature. He is also interested in the issue of uncertainty in contemporary culture.

He is the author of acclaimed books and articles, such as: Labours of the Mind. Labour In the Culture of Production (2001), Rubbish Waste and Litter Culture and Its Refuse/Als (2008). He also co-authored the following publicaitons: S/HE... Embracing/Wrestling Genders. Cultural spaces for a Re-Definition of the Political (2005), Spoiling Cannibal's Fun? Cannibalism and Cannibalization in Culture and Elsewhere (2006), and (Nad)użycia ciała w kulturze [(Over)Use of the body in culture] (2012).

At SWPS University, he teaches British and American culture as well as literary and cultural theory.