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BIO Ting-Yu Lee


Ting-Yu Lee

Ph.D. / Assistant Professor


Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw
Department of Asian Studies


Sociologist, translator, and entrepreneur. She is fluent in contemporary and classic Chinese. Her research interests include cross-cultural management and Polish-Chinese communication.

As a native speaker, she has been teaching Chinese for many years in Poland. She also enjoys teaching about various aspects of the Chinese culture and tradition. In 2010, she founded her own Chinese language school, HAOPENGYOU, in Warsaw. She also has experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (English and Chinese) for academic and business delegations from China and Taiwan (2010-2017).

Thanks to her extensive network in Chinese academia, she has helped many students secure internships in Taiwan and Mainland China.

In 2008, she joined SWPS University, where she teaches Chinese for business and diplomacy, practical Chinese, and literary Chinese.

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