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AboutSWPS University

SWPS University excels in exploring the human mind and applying this expertise to address practical challenges of today and tomorrow. We believe that through better understanding of human intelligence we can learn to thrive in the world of new technologies and dynamic social change.

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS University) is a leading higher education institution in Poland, excelling in Psychology, Law, Language Studies, Literature and Culture Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Management, and Design.


The University was established in 1996 by three eminent professors of Psychology and now, after more than twenty years of a dynamic growth, we are proud to be a strong community of over 300 permanent faculty of researchers and experienced academics, who teach over 17,000 students enrolled in 35 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, across five campuses located in major cities in Poland. Our broad education offer includes 12 programs taught entirely in English to over 1,300 international students from more than 60 countries.

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Our strategy 
in practice

 We expect all members of our community to act boldly and be guided by the principles of openness and responsibility in pursuit of their life goals. We aim to inspire them to celebrate their successes, always look for new solutions, and exemplify changemaking, wherever they are in the world as our alumni, friends, or partners. This is how we are implementing the strategy of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities -
the University we are proud of.


To explore and change
the world


Through research and education
in an inspiring environment,
we help people to make their dreams
come true and to achieve their goals


• Openness •
• Courage •
• Responsibility •
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Accredited degree programs

degree programs

All of our degree programs are accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Accreditation Committee, and are fully recognized within the European Higher Education Area. We are also authorized to grant doctorates in 5 disciplines, and post-doctoral degrees (habilitacja) in 3 disciplines.


Since its inception, SWPS University has been dedicated to teaching and research. We are proud to count distinguished scholars, who engage in research on international level and publish in world’s leading academic journals, among our faculty. We highly value our teaching staff for their passionate approach to education, sharing their knowledge and experience, guiding students through the course of their studies, helping them grow as young scholars, future professionals, and most of all, as human beings. To ensure that our students gain not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience, we collaborate with numerous highly-regarded professionals who excel in their respective fields and share their expertise through teaching.

our community

Our community

Our community extends far beyond scholars, students and alumni, and includes representatives of business, science, and culture. We have strong relationships with social and cultural organizations, and we actively contribute to a variety of cultural and social initiatives. We freely share our academic knowledge through open lectures, online platforms, meetings and workshops, at major festivals and public events. By engaging in projects benefitting the local community and through internships, our students gain work experience and build their professional networks with various organizations and business partners, both locally and internationally. We believe that science and business can create new synergies through applied research, which provides solutions for real life problems.