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SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities was established thanks to the determination and perseverance of its three founders. However, it owes a great deal to the commitment and passion of many remarkable people, excellent academics, researchers and specialists, who contribute daily to the development of SWPS University.


Roman Cieslak


Roman Cieślak

Rector of SWPS University
e-mail: rektor@swps.edu.pl 


258 ewa ger


Ewa Ger, Ph.D.

Director General
e-mail:  dg@swps.edu.pl


258 gruszczynska ewa

Associate Professor

Ewa Gruszczyńska

Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs
e-mail: prorektordsd@swps.edu.pl 


258 grzegorz sedek

Associate Professor

Aleksandra Cisłak-Wójcik

Vice-Rector for Research
e-mail: prorektordsn@swps.edu.pl


258 marcin gedziorowski


Marcin Gędziorowski, Ph.D.

Director of Finance and Projects
e-mail: mgedziorowski@swps.edu.pl

kinga nowacka


Kinga Nowacka, M.A.

Director of Marketing and Admissions
e-mail: knowacka@swps.edu.pl

258 jan jaworowski


Jan Jaworowski, M.Eng.

Director for Professional Education
e-mail: jjaworowski@swps.edu.pl

Rector's Representatives

258 dolinski


Dariusz Doliński

Coordinator for University Development
e-mail: dariusz.dolinski@swps.edu.pl


Wawrzyniec Smoczynski


Wawrzyniec Smoczyński, Ph.D.

Rector's Representative for Social Sciences
e-mail: wsmoczynski@swps.edu.pl

Justyna Ziółkowska

Associate Professor

Justyna Ziółkowska

Rector’s Representative for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment
e-mail: jziolkowska@swps.edu.pl

Former Rector




Andrzej Eliasz

First Rector of SWPS University
from 1996 to 2016