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Honorary Degrees and Recognition Committee approves all degrees, titles and other types of recognition awarded by SWPS University. The Committee also makes recommendations on awarding the title of doctor honoris causa. Additionally, the Committee makes recommendations, on behalf of SWPS University, to the President of the Republic of Poland on candidates for state awards and decorations.

Receipients of Doctor Honoris Causa of SWPS University

Professor Jan Strelau

In April 2016, the Senate of SWPS University granted the title doctor honoris causa to Professor Jan Strelau for outstanding achievements in research and for his innovative and lasting contribution to the development of science in the field of Psychology.

Professor Jan Strelau pioneered studies on temperament. He is an expert in psychology of individual differences and is best known for his Regulative Theory of Temperament. Professor Strelau has authored, co-authored and edited close to 300 scientific publications, including 44 books.

His many awards and recognitions include: Teofrast Superstar, a lifetime achievement award from Charaktery, popular psychology magazine (2015), Life-Time Achievement Award from The European Association of Personality Psychology (2012), Prime Minister’s Award for the lifetime contribution to science (2009), the Foundation for Polish Science Award (FNP Award), also known as Polish Nobel Prize (2000), Humboldt Research Award for foreign academics in recognition of outstanding international achievements in personality research (1990), Max Planck Research Award for international outstanding research achievements (1992), New Europe Prize 1997 for Higher Education and Research, jointly administered by six Centers for Advanced Studies, including Stanford, Princeton, North Carolina, NIAS, Uppsala and Berlin (1997).

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Professor Shevah Weiss

In November 2013, the Senate of SWPS University granted the title of doctor honoris causa to Professor Shevah Weiss in recognition of his achievements in political science, research on contemporary Israel, outstanding contribution to the development of Polish-Israeli relations and mutual understanding of Polish and Israeli history and heritage.

Professor Shevah Weiss is an Israeli political scientist, academic lecturer, journalist and a former politician and diplomat. Ever since his post as the Israeli Ambassador to Poland, he has been pursuing the goal of Polish-Israeli reconciliation. Thanks to his work, the anti-Semitic and anti-Polish stereotypes are being replaced by mutual understanding and appreciation of the shared history and culture, lost during WWII. Shevah Weiss is a recipient of numerous awards, including: the Honorary Distinction Bene Merito (2009), The Grand Cross of Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland (2004), and Commander’s Cross Missio Reconciliationis (2003).

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Professor Robert Cialdini

In October 2013, the Senate of SWPS University granted the title of doctor honoris causa to Professor Robert Cialdini for outstanding achievements in social psychology and for research in the field of psychology of influence and its implementation in business management.

Professor Cialdini has authored many publications linking the fields of psychology and marketing. His seminal book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is regarded as one of the psychology classics and has been enjoying unwavering popularity among psychologists, marketing specialists and layman readers alike. Porfessor Cialdini is an expert in implementing psychological research in practice. His clients include the largest international corporations and governmental organizations. He is the founder and the President of Influence at Work, an international consulting firm, that aims to improve organizational and personal performance by understanding and using the psychology of influence.

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Professor Philip Zimbardo

ZImbardo DHC

In 2011, the Senate of SWPS University granted the title of doctor honoris causa to Professor Philip Zimbardo for his outstanding contributions to Psychology and the implementation of psychological research in conflict resolution as well as for the promotion of international scientific cooperation, including SWPS University.

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Professor Helmut Skowronek

In 2010, the Senate of SWPS University granted the title of doctor honoris causa to Professor Helmut Skowronek for his outstanding contribution to Educational Psychology and his research projects utilizing that combined science of pedagogy, psychology and sociology.

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The Committee

Chairman of the Committee

Professor Dariusz Doliński is the Chairman of the Honorary Degrees and Recognition Committee. He is a specialist in the field of Social Psychology, Coordinator for University Development, and the Chairman of the Committee for Psychological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).

Members of the Committee

  • Professor Augustyn Bańka
  • Professor Lech Gardocki
  • Professor Wiesław Godzić
  • Professor Alina Kolańczyk
  • Professor Marek Piechowiak
  • Professor Jerzy Trzebiński