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The Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw is a multidisciplinary faculty, comprising the following disciplines: cultural and art studies, literary studies, linguistics, communication and media studies, politics, administration and public policy studies, sociology, economy and management studies.

82members of faculty



marcin jacoby

Associate Professor

Marcin Jacoby



Paweł Pyrka

Assistant Professor

Paweł Pyrka

Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs

karol jachymek

Assistant Professor

Karol Jachymek

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs



Academics at the Faculty of Humanities conduct research projects focused on their respective disciplines as well as interdisciplinary research in the field of humanities. They also participate in international research projects and collaborate with universities around the world. The results of these projects are published in numerous dissertations, monographs and articles appearing in academic journals. The Faculty’s research activities are coordinated by the Institute of Humanities.

Study Programs

The Faculty offers study programs, in journalism, cultural studies, language studies (including six programs in English), and a unique program in Asian Studies that provides students with an opportunity to study Chinese (Mandarin) language and culture.
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Center for Student Affairs

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  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and the implementation of online teching, the Center for Student Affairs (CSA) will provide its services entirely online until further notice. To submit or collect your documents, please make an appointment via the Contact Zone on the Virtual University platform or via wizyta.swps.edu.pl/SWPS.
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Dean's Office

SWPS University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
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Monday to Friday: 9:00-15:00