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The Faculty Coucil is an advisory body supporting the Dean in managing the Faculty.



  • Marcin Jacoby, Ph.D. / Associate Porfessor – Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Head of the Department of Asian Studies



  • Barbara Głębicka-Giza, Ph.D. / Associate Professor – Coordinator of the Journalism and Communication program
  • Mirosław Filiciak, Ph.D. / Associate Professor – Head of the Department of Cultural and Media Studies
  • Agnieszka Pantuchowicz, Ph.D. / Associate Professor – Vice-Director of the Institute of Humanities
  • Katarzyna Bojarska, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor – Coordinator of Contemporary Culture and Media and Digital Culture specializations (Cultural Studies Program)
  • Magdalena Domeradzka, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor – Head of the Department of Scandinavian Studies
  • Joanna Hryniewska, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor – Coordinator of the Asian Studies: China and East Asia program
  • Karol Jachymek, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor – Vice-Dean for Student Affairs
  • Małgorzata Kłos, Ph.D. / Coordinator of the Swedish, Norwegian, and Scandinavian Studies specialization (Philology Program)
  • Paweł Pyrka, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor – Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs
  • Agnieszka Gadomska, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor – Coordinator of English Studies specialization (Philology Program)
  • Martyna Oborska,Teaching Assistant – Coordinator of the Innovation Design specialization (Cultural Studies Program)
  • Ewa Gruszka-Dobrzyńska,Teaching Assistant – Coordinator of the Manager, Agent, Producer specialization (Cultural Studies Program)
  • Aleksandra Kostecka-Szewc, Teaching Assistant – Coordinator of Italian Studies specialization (Philology Program)
  • Tomasz Sobański, Teaching Assistant – Coordinator of Spanish Studies specialization (Philology Program)
  • Marcin Szwed, Teaching Assistant – Coordinator of Student Affairs, English Studies specialization (Philology Program)
  • Beata Sikorzak – Head of the Dean's Office, Faculty of Humanities in Warsaw, representative of administrative staff
  • Student representative

The Faculty Council advises on the following matters:

  • Development strategy 
  • Study programs and their modifications
  • Program learning outcomes and their modifications
  • Admission rules and regulations
  • Rules of studying, practicum regulations, detailed regulations for carrying out thesis seminars
  • Proposals of graduate certification programs
  • Student submissions for external competitions and student applications for Ministerial scholarships and other external funding
  • Motions to establish or cancel study programs
  • Motions to establish, reorganize or disband organizational units of the Faculty

The Faculty Council supports the Dean in the following matters:

  • Ongoing Faculty matters
  • Managing the education process and improving the quality of education
  • Supporting profession development of employees
  • Providing an environment conducive to student development
  • Ensuring that employees and students meet high ethical standards and providing opinions related to professional ethics