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Department of Asian Studies



The Department of Asian Studies was established in 2003, originally as the Center for East Asian Civilization.
Associate Professor Marcin Jacoby was named the Head of the Department in 2020.


The Department of Asian Studies at SWPS University (formerly the Center for East Asian Civilization) offers a three-year undergraduate study program Asian Studies: China and East Asia. Apart from teaching, department academics and collaborators are engaged in research and popularization of culture, history, societies, and business practices of China, Korea, Japan and other countries of the region.

Who We Are

Our teaching staff includes both academics and practitioners such as diplomats, public servants, and representatives of the business community. Our research topics encompass both historical themes (e.g. the history of Chinese thought, literature, and religion), and contemporary issues (e.g. transformations in Asia, politics, and society). Our main focus is on the Chinese cultural sphere(Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), the Korean Peninsula, and Japan. We are also interested in India, South-East Asia (including Singapore and Vietnam), and Mongolia.

International Conference
China in Contemporary International Relations
June 23-24, 2022 in Warsaw, Poland (hybrid format)
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Research Interests

The main focus of our interests is East Asia. We choose not to use the term “Far East” as we deem it Europocentric. For Asians, this region is not “far”, but rather lies in the very center of the universe. This is what the term "China" in Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) refers to: Zhongguo literally means "Middle Kingdom".

Our goal is not only to popularize knowledge about East Asia, but also to show various Asian perspectives: cultural, social, or political. We strive to understand Asia in all its complexity, avoiding cultural clichés and prejudices, and maintaining scientific objectivism.

Knowledge Sharing

Our passion for Asia motivates us to share our knowledge about this region, its extraordinary cultural diversity, religions, customs, and languages. Nowadays, East Asia represents not only many thousands of years of uninterrupted history of different civilizations, but also a region of a growing international political, economic, and technological influence. One cannot understand the contemporary world without getting to know China, Korea, and Japan. We devote our academic careers to deepening this understanding.

We organize scientific conferences and seminars focused on topics related to Asia as well as meetings with researchers specializing in the current problems of the region and the Polish-Asian cooperation. We share our knowledge through public lectures and talks, online lectures, webinars, and articles published on SWPS University’s website, in traditional print media, and online. We publish scientific monographs on Asia and collections of articles by various authors. For the past 20 years, we have also been publishing a nationwide scientific journal Azja-Pacyfik: Społeczeństwo – Polityka – Gospodarka (Asia-Pacific: Society – Politics – Economy), which popularizes knowledge about the region.

What We Do

The Department of Asian Studies offers a three-year undergraduate practical study program in Cultural Studies. The program was launched in 2012. See full description of the program (in Polish) »

Asian Studies Research Club

Throughout the academic year, our students organize numerous meetings and other activities, which help to popularize knowledge about Asia and provide an opportunity for networking. Students from all SWPS University programs, including our students from Asia, participate in the events organized by the Asian Studies Research Club. This is yet another opportunity to gain some first-hand knowledge about Asian cultures and meet fellow students.

Cooperation with the Confucius Institute 

In September 2018, we launched an offshoot of the Jagiellonian University’s Confucius Institute at the Department of Asian Studies. Thanks to this cooperation, every year one lecturer from the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing comes to Poland. Additionally, our partner institution from Kraków supports Chinese language classes and the organization of Chinese-themed cultural events at SWPS University.

Oriental Library

Currently, the collection holds nearly 19,000 books and periodicals on all areas of East Asian Studies, including history, political and economic relations, social sciences, art and culture, ethnography, religion, philosophy, Chinese literature, literary studies, and linguistics. There is also a variety of handbooks and materials for learning languages of Asia.


The faculty working at the Department of Asian Studies publish scientific and general interest books and articles about the region. We have also penned several influential multi-author publications on the current topics related to East Asia. We concentrate on political and social issues. Our mission also includes popularization of knowledge on Asian cultures.
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"Azja-Pacyfik" Journal

The Azja-Pacifik (Asia-Pacific) journal has been in publication since 1998. This is the first professional scientific journal devoted to contemporary political and economic issues of the region, in Poland. The journal is an initiative of Professor Krzysztof Gawlikowski and the President of the Adam Marszałek Publishing House that has been issuing the periodical since its inception. Beginning with issue nr 9/2006, the journal has been published under the auspices of SWPS University.


In 2020, the Polish-Chinese Business Council (PChRB), a non-governmental organization comprising experts and entrepreneurs working in Poland and China, became a strategic partner of the Asian Studies: China and East Asia study program. PChRB supports expansion of Polish companies on the Chinese market. The organization is a member of the EU-China Business Association in Brussels.




258 marcin jacoby

Associate Professor

Marcin Jacoby

Head of the Department
sinologist, translator, specializing in the Chinese theory of art and Chinese literature of the pre-impirial period

258 joanna hryniewska

Assistant Professor

Joanna Hryniewska

sinologist, linguist, lecturer in Chinese (Mandarin)

258 marek tylkowski

Assistant Professor

Marek Tylkowski

historian, researches modern Chinese schools of thought, lecturer in Chinese (Mandarin)

258 ting yu lee

Assistant Professor

Ting-Yu Lee

sociologist, lecturer in Chinese (Mandarin), business consultant

Mateusz Kowalik

Teaching Assistant

Mateusz Kowalik

teaches economy and management, professional interests: Japanese, American, and West-European management models

258 wang yun


Wang Yun

lecturer in Chinese (Mandarin)

Stanisław Kozłowski


Stanisław Czesław Kozłowski, Ph.D.

lecturer, former professional diplomat – Minister-Counselor at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Singapre (2011-2015)

258 ksawery burski


Ksawery Burski

former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Singapre and Indonesia, expert in Chinese affairs, member of an advisory board by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

258 krzysztof szumski


Krzysztof Szumski

former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to China, Thailand, Indonesia, former Direcotr of Asia-Pacific Dept. of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

258 stanislaw tokarski


Stanisław Tokarski

oriental studies scholar, philosopher, political scientist, expert on India, lecturer at the Institute of of the Middle and Far East at the Jagellonian University

258 karolina mazurowska

Assistant Professor

Karolina Mazurowska

cross-cultural psychologist, fluent in Chinese, professional interests: Chinese culture, social changes in China and cultural adaptation of Europeans in China

258 katarzyna golik


Katarzyna Golik, Ph.D.

scholar of Mongolia (mongolist) and economist, Institute of Political Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences (ISP PAN)

258 pawel kowalski

Assistant Professor

Paweł Kowalski

lawyer specializing in international law, lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Warsaw of SWPS University

258 edyta nowicka


Edyta Nowicka

lecturer, specicalizing in Japanese studies, business translator living in Tokyo

258 beata kolodziej


Beata Kołodziej

lecturer, sinologist, expert in Chinese language and culture

258 bartosz komasa


Bartosz Komasa

lecturer, expert in Polish-Chinese economic cooperation

258 jacek świercz


Jacek Świercz

sinologist, specializing in Vietnamese Studies, expert in modern history of Cambodia


Teaching Cooperation

  • Professor Bogdan Góralczyk – sinologist, political scientist, diplomat, media commentator, author of numerous publications on Asia, former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Thailand
  • Professor Maria Krzysztof Byrski – indologist, former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to India
  • Professor Janusz Danecki – professor of humanities, specializing in Arabic and Islamic studies, linguist, literary studies scholar, and a researcher at the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Warsaw
  • Małgorzata Religa, Ph.D. - sinologist, translator of Chinese literature, Head of the Department of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, at the University of Warsaw.
  • Associate Professor Józef Pawłowski – sinologist specializing in the issues of contemporary China, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw
  • Associate Professor Bartosz Wojciechowski - Japanese studies scholar and linguist
  • Olga Barbasiewicz, Ph.D. – Japanese studies scholar and political scientist
  • Jakub Taylor, Ph.D. - Korean studies scholar and historian
  • Małgorzata Ławacz, Ph.D. – sinologist and a long-standing editor of the “Asia-Pacific” journal
  • Joanna Wasilewska, Ph.D. – art historian interested in cross-cultural influences between Europe and Asia, including the history of travel and mutual inspirations in art and fashion, as well as the traditions of Asian theatre, in particular Chinese puppet theatre. Director of the Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw
  • Magdalena Tomaszewska-Bolałek, Ph.D. - oriental studies scholar, specializing in the history of cuisine from different parts of the world, anthropology of food, neurogastronomy, food design, diplomacy, and culinary tourism
  • Agnieszka Walulik – sinologist and literary translator

History of the Department

Until 2018, the Department of Asian Studies operated as the Center for East Asian Civilization (CCAW). The Center was formally established in the spring of 2003, although SWPS University had begun offering courses related to East Asia, mainly China, as early as 1998. In the following years, additional courses on different East-Asian cultures were gradually introduced. Originally, the courses were mostly attended by students of cross-cultural psychology, but with time, students from other programs took an opportunity to learn about East Asia, during extracurricular classes. Since 2012, the Department has been offering a full program of undergraduate studies. The Asian Studies program has been developed by Professor Krzysztof Gawlikowski, a former long-standing Head of the Department.

Oriental Languages Center

In the academic year 2002/2003, for the very first time SWPS University offered its students courses in two oriental languages, Chinese and Burmese, including an introduction to the culture and mentality of these countries, as befitted the social sciences profile of the University. The teaching program was also significantly extended to include courses on the foundations of the East Asian civilization and the societies of the region, comparative studies of the Confucian-Buddhist and the Western civilizations, classical Chinese social and political schools of thought, and the history of East Asia, including the transitions taking place in the 20th century. In the academic year 2005/2006, the Department launched classes on East Asian political systems and international relations. The program focused on a variety of practical competencies indispensable in cooperation with Asians, such as respect for tradition, the specific culture of negotiation, and ways of building lasting relationships.

From 2005 to 2009, CCAW run a Chinese Language School as part of SWPS University’s Language School. The Chinese Language School offered a three-year program, including selected topics about China and the region. The School was open to the general public and students of SWPS University.

Conferences and Symposia

In 2006, the Center began organizing conferences, seminars, and debates on contemporary issues of China, Japan and other countries of the East-Asia Region. The events organized to date have attracted researchers and analysts from various research centers in Poland, while speakers have included renowned specialists from Poland and other countries. Since 2007, the “Asia-Pacific: Society-Politics-Economy” journal, established in 1998, has been published under the auspices of SWPS University.

Launch of the Full-Time Study Program

In 2012, under the scientific supervision of CCAW, SWPS University launched a three-year full-time undergraduate program called Asian Studies: China and East Asia. First graduates obtained their diplomas in 2015.

Since 2014, CCAW has been organizing a series of educational events called “Asian Debates”, at the Warsaw Public Library, on Koszykowa Street. The events are part of a series titled International Debates, offered by the library.

In 2020, the founder of the Department of Asian Studies, Professor Krzysztof Gawlikowski, handed over the leadership of the Department to Associate Professor Marcin Jacoby.


Department of Asian Studies

Department Head: Associate Professor Marcin Jacoby
e-mail: mjacoby@swps.edu.pl

Cooridnator of the Asian Studies: China and East Asia study program
Assistant Professor Joanna Hryniewska
e-mail: jhryniewska@swps.edu.pl

SWPS University
Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warsaw