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Department of Journalism and Communication




The Department of Journalism and Communication was established in 2007. It offers study programs focused on the practical aspects of the discipline. The majority of classes take the form of workshops run by practitioners, such as journalists, experts in the field of PR, communication, marketing, advertising, and brand development experts, while classes on theory and science are taught by the faculty representing various departments of SWPS University. Students have an opportunity to learn both theory and practical skills from the best experts in the field of journalism and communication.


The Journalism Program offered by SWPS University differs from other programs of its kind in Poland, because it focuses on meeting the latest needs of the job market.

Our undergraduate program focuses on the practical skills indispensable in the journalism profession, combined with extended background on the influence mechanisms of mass media. During the 4th semester, students choose one of the following specializations: Public Relations, People or Brand Development or Internet Marketing.

Our graduate program allows students to further develop their competencies. Students have an option to select one of the following specializations: Journalism, PR and Creative Communication or Employer Branding.

In the 2016 ranking by Perspektywy, a Polish influential monthly magazine devoted to educational affairs, our Journalism Program was ranked #1 in Poland among programs of its kind in the non-public higher education institutions category.


Apart from teaching, members of our faculty are also practicing professionals, including journalists, commentators of public and political affairs, scientists researching mass media and practices of communication, and brand development experts.


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Associate Professor

Barbara Głębicka-Giza

Head of the Department of Journalism and Communication


Department Members

Adam Leszczyński, Associate Professor
Marek Palczewski, Associate Professor
Agnieszka Kamińska, Assistant Professor
Marek Kochan, Assistant Professor
Agnieszka Kowalczewska, Assistant Professor
Marcin Zaborski, Assistant Professor


Head of the Department

Barbara Głębicka-Giza, Associate Professor
e-mail: bgiza@swps.edu.pl

Coordinator of the Journalism Program

Agnieszka Kowalczewska, Assistant Professor
e-mail: akowalczewska@swps.edu.pl


Department of Journalism and Communication
SWPS University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warsaw
Room N108, 1st floor