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The Faculty of Law in Warsaw at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities offers a modern study program, focused on practical aspects of Law. The program has been selected as one of the most innovative educational programs in Poland by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and was awarded one million PLN for further development. The academic staff comprises experienced and internationally renowned experts in the field of law. The faculty has the authority to grant doctoral degrees.




Adam Bodnar

Associate Professor

Adam Bodnar


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Associate Professor

Sławomir Kursa

Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs

Ewa Dawidziuk

Assistant Professor

Ewa Dawidziuk

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs



The study program at the Faculty of Law in Warsaw combines elements of theory and practice. Graduates of the faculty build successful careers in civil, criminal, business and international law as well as crisis management, transportation safety, and prevention of cyber terrorism. During studies, students gain practical experience by working at a Legal Aid Office. The faculty organizes cyclical meetings, called O prawie przy kawie [Coffee and Law], where students analyze real life cases discussed in mass media. Additionally, students are active in a Research Group called Crimen Imperfecta.

Award for Best Study Program

Law at SWPS University has been rated as the best program of its kind in Poland, by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The winning criteria included modern methodology, the practical aspect of  studies, flexible curriculum, the quality of internships, and cooperation with employers. The faculty was awarded one million PLN for further development of the program

Individual Tutoring

Students have an opportunity to work closely with a tutor, who helps them to chart the right study plan, appropriate for their chosen career path. The support of the tutor coupled with the practical aspect of the program and the opportunity to work with the best lawyers in the country, provide an excellent background for students preparing for bar exams.

Best Specialists

The lecturers at the Faculty of Law in Warsaw include lawyers, judges, and international security experts, for example: Professor Jacek Sobczak, Judge of the Supreme Court of Poland; Associate Professor Andrzej Szlęzak, Senior Partner at Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak Law Firm; Professor Witold Wołodkiewicz, world renowned expert on Roman law; Professor Lech Gardocki, First President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland from 1998 to 2010; Ryszard Czerniawski, Ph.D., former Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights; and Professor Bronisław Sitek, former President of the State Treasury Solicitor’s Office.

Student Legal Services

Students of Law at SWPS University run Student Legal Services office, which provides legal counsel to people who cannot afford legal fees. Under the guidance of their professors, students interpret legal standing of their clients in the view of the Polish law, analyze and explain legal contracts, and draft legal documents. Legal Aid Office »

Legal Library and Information Services

Students at the Faculty of Law in Warsaw have access to professional legal information resources, including LEX Omega and Lex Prawo i Zdrowie [Lex Law and Health] - online data bases containing all current laws and regulations, court rulings, and legal writings. Moreover, the faculty successively expands its library, which currently offers 12,000 volumes of legal publications.

One of Top Faculties of Law in Poland

According to Perspektywy, a Polish influential monthly magazine devoted to educational affairs, the Faculty of Law in Warsaw at SWPS University is the second best faculty of its kind among private higher education institutions in Poland. Additionally, in 2014 and 2015, the faculty scored top marks in the scientific potential, quality of education and international cooperation categories, among all public and private universities in Poland, in the ranking by Rzeczpospolita, a leading daily newspaper. 


Science and Research

The Faculty of Law in Warsaw at SWPS University is one of the main centers for legal studies in Poland. Thanks to its high standing, the faculty received a cumulative grant of 2.2M PLN, from the National Science Centre, in 2013 and 2014. It was the third highest grant awarded to a Faculty of Law in Poland.

Leader Among Private Universities in Poland

In 2013, our Faculty of Law in Warsaw was ranked as the second best faculty of its kind among the private higher education institutions, by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The Ministry positively assessed the faculty’s development and scientific potential.

Research Projects

The Faculty of Law in Warsaw conducts research projects in the field of human rights, the state of legal profession, and freedom of the press and mass media. Other projects include research into the issues of Polish immigration to Ireland and inheritance matters in the Justinian Law. List of projects »

Professional Publication

The Faculty of Law in Warsaw publishes a professional periodical Themis Polska Nova that accepts papers on all aspect of law. Additionally, it is a forum for the academics where they may highlight various aspects of their research projects, such as: medical law, copyright law and legal issues in the preservation of cultural heritage. More information »

Doctoral degrees

As of 2012, the Faculty of Law in Warsaw has the authority to grant doctoral degrees in the discipline of Law. To date, the faculty has awarded 16 doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees (data as of February 1, 2016). 

Doctoral seminars

The Faculty of Law in Warsaw offers a specialized doctoral seminar program for students who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in the field of Law and who wish to broaden their knowledge during doctoral studies at SWPS University. Doctoral seminar program »


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