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To help members of the local community and to practice their professional competencies, our students of the Faculty of Law in Warsaw, under the supervision of legal professionals and lecturers in law, provide free legal counsel to persons who are unable to hire a lawyer. The Head of the Student Legal Services Education Center is Associate Professor Katarzyna Antolak-Szymansky, Ph.D.. The services pertain to the Polish law and are provided in Polish. Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the services are provided online.

The Student Legal Services have resumed its activity for the 2021/2022 academic year. To submit a case, please fill in the form »

#1 in the annual ranking of Student Legal Services conducted by Rzeczpospolita, a leading Polish daily newspaper

Free Legal Advice

Our Student Legal Services (SPP) are staffed with students of SWPS University’s Faculty of Law in Warsaw, who provide free legal counsel to persons unable to hire a legal professional. Students work under the supervision of legal professionals, specializing in various aspects of law. They provide counsel in four different areas, including Labor Law, Civil Law, Business Law, and support for foreigners. Please contact the appropriate section, if you need help with your legal matters.

All students advising clients at our Student Legal Services are bound by confidentiality. Please see the Student Legal Services Code of Conduct ».


Head of the Student Legal Services Education Center: Katarzyna Antolak-Szymansky, Ph.D. / Associate Professor

Labor Law Section

Supervisor: Katarzyna Antolak-Szymansky, Ph.D.

  • responsibilities of employees and employers
  • employment discrimination: inequality and harassment in the workplace
    special work-related cases, such as work place accidents, occupational diseases, telecommuting and teleworking
  • employees’ parental rights
  • establishing employment relationship/type of contract, in cases other than permanent employment contracts
  • hiring, employment termination, and employment contracts (changes, work conditions, remuneration)

Civil Law Section

Supervisor: Dominik Horodyski, Ph.D.

  • Civil contracts: provision of services, sale, loan, contracts of commission, lending agreements, and consumer agreements
  • Civil liability, e.g. compensation for damages and redress
  • Real estate law, e.g. property rental or lease, acquisitive prescription, annulment of joint ownership
  • Legal aid for start-ups, including establishing and running a business (in cooperation with the Start-up Section)

Business Start-up Support Section

Supervisor: Dariusz Kowalski, Ph.D.

  • Establishing a business and deciding on a type of business enterprise
  • Fundamental rights and responsibilities of entrepreneurs, including: company registration, introducing services and goods to the market, suspending business activities, etc.
  • Business restrictions, for example business sectors requiring special licenses, permissions, certificates, and entry in registers
  • Regulations related to company audits conducted by public administration bodies
  • Main issues related to fair competition and the prevention of unfair market practices
  • Public funds earmarked for entrepreneurs
  • Applying for funding for business development: available sources of financing and financial reporting related to the size of business
  • Rules and regulations on receiving public funds.

Foreigners Support Section

Supervisor: Jarosław Gwizdak

  • Apartment rental in Poland, important clauses in rental agreements
  • Working in Poland ̶ formal requirements for foreigners
  • Public and private social norms in Poland
  • Establishing a business in Poland ̶ formal requirements for foreigners
  • Review and analysis of current judicial decisions issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CURIA)

How to Obtain Legal Aid from Student Legal Services

Who can become a client of Student Legal Services?

Our Student Legal Services provide legal aid to individuals and entrepreneurs, who cannot afford to pay for legal services of an advocate or an attorney at law, and who have not obtained any professional legal advice in a given case before.

We also provide legal aid services to community organizations, which submit legal problems related to the scope of their statutory mandate, and which have not obtained any professional legal advice in a given case before.

Application Process and Documents

To apply for legal aid provided by our Student Legal Services, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the submission form appropriate to your case
  2. Read the Rules and Regulations
  3. Read the Information on providing legal advice
  4. Sign a Statemen of persons interested in obtaining legal services
  5. Agree to the Processing of Personal Data

Case Acceptance

Based on the statement, case file, and copies of documents submitted by a potential client, the supervisor of the appropriate section of Student Legal Services accepts or rejects a given case. If the case is accepted, the supervisor assigns a student advisor for the case, by entering their name in the case file.

Legal support provided to a client consists of a proposed resolution of the legal problem and preparation of draft procedural documents. The legal advice should be easy to understand for the client, and include all possible options of the legal resolution.



Information for Students

Students can become members of the Student Legal Services team if they study at SWPS University’s Faculty of Law in Warsaw, are at least the fourth year students of law, and have completed subjects that are listed in the syllabus of the Student Legal Services module as prerequisites for working at one of the SPP’s sections.

When appropriate, the Head of the Student Legal Services may allow third year law students to join the SPP, if the students demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge for providing legal counsel.

As a rule, students participate in the activities of the Student Legal Services, in the above-mentioned sections, as part of the SPP study module.


Student Legal Services

SWPS University, the Faculty of Law in Warsaw
Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warsaw, Poland, room 211

Telephone: +48 22 517 96 14