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The Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw is the oldest and the largest faculty at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. According to the ranking by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, it is the third best faculty amongst the higher education institutions with a Social Sciences profile, in Poland. The faculty conducts advanced research projects, including many international studies. It offers undergraduate and graduate studies with a variety of study paths and specializations. The faculty has the authority to grant doctoral (Ph.D.) and post-doctoral (habilitacja) degrees.

377members of faculty
133research projects conducted in 2015
12.2M PLN for research in 2015





hanna bednarek

Associate Professor

Hanna Bednarek


258 Agata Zablocka

 Assisstant Professor

Agata Zabłocka

Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs

258 Magda Marszal

Assistant Professor

Agata Wytykowska-Kaczorek

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

258 Robert Mackiewicz

Assistant Professor

Agata Jastrzębowska-Tyczkowska

Dean's Representative for Alumni Affairs

258 agata zablocka bursa

 Assistant Professor

Joanna Dudek

Dean's Representative for Electives in English

258 anna siwy hudowska

 Assisstant Professor

Anna Siwy-Hudowska

Dean's Representative for Electives



Błażej Mroziński

Dean's Representative for the SONA program

olga bialobrzeska

Assistant Professor

Olga Białobrzeska

Dean's Representative for the Quality of Education

258 Agata Wytykowska

 Assisstant Professor

Agata Wytykowska-Kaczorek

Dean's Representative for Postgraduate Psychology Programs


Assistant Professor

Małgorzata Wawrzyniak

Supervisor of the 1st year part-time psychology program


Currently, nearly four thousand students are enrolled at the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw, pursuing degrees in several different specialties. The faculty’s varied educational offer allows students to align their curriculum to their individual interests and professional aspirations. The graduates of the faculty work not only as psychotherapists, but also find employment in many fields that rely on psychology, such as: media, market research, human recourses, marketing, advertising, education, health care and IT design. 

Highest Quality of Education

According to Perspektywy, a Polish influential monthly magazine devoted to educational affairs, our Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw ranks among the top three faculties of its kind in Poland. Ranking by „Perspektywy” » 

European Standards of Education

Studies at the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw follow European standards of education. The program fulfills the requirements of EuroPsy, the European qualification standard for psychologists, established by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) in 2010.

External Assessment and Accreditation

SWPS University is the first university in Poland to have received the highest score for its Psychology Programs from the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA). PKA is the only statutory body in Poland responsible for the assessment of the quality of education provided by higher education institutions.

Best Specialists

The Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw is proud to count the best specialists amongst its academic staff, including: Professor Grzegorz Sędek, an expert in Experimental Psychology; Professor Krystyna Skarżyńska, a renowned authority in the field of Social Psychology; Professor Andrzej Kokoszka, an experienced psychiatrist and psychotherapist; Professor Andrzej Falkowski, a specialist in the field of Psychology of Business; Professor Edward Nęcka, an expert in Psychology of Creativity; and  Professor Paweł Boski, a pioneer of Intercultural Psychology in Poland.

Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Degrees

The Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw has the authority to grant doctoral and post-doctoral (habilitacja) degrees in the discipline of Social Sciences and Psychology. To date, the faculty has awarded 91 doctoral (Ph.D.), 20 post-doctoral, and 4 Professorial titles (data as of February 1, 2016). 

Science and Research

The Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw has been ranked among the top three higher education institutions with a Social Sciences profile, by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. In 2010, a high score, awarded by the Ministry in the comprehensive assessment of academic parameters, resulted in an increase of research grants provided to the department.

Over 12M PLN for research projects

The Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw provides an excellent environment for scientific research of the highest standard. In 2015, the faculty conducted 133 research projects, worth over 12M PLN. 

Additionally, in 2015 the Faculty received 580,000 PLN for statutory activities, such as: conferences, academic publications, and procurement of equipment for scientific research. The funds supported 96 research projects. List of projects >>

Diamond grants for students of psychology

The Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw provides students with opportunities to conducted research and present their findings at the annual Student Scientific Conference. With the help of academic advisors, students may receive government funding for their projects. To date, the best student research projects were awarded over 870,000 PLN in total, from the Diamond Grant Program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Research Centres

Interdisciplinary Centre for Applied Cognitive Studies conducts international research projects in the field of basic and complex cognitive functions. 

Academic Centre for Socio-Educational Innovation (AKCES) focuses on the use of Information Technology in education.

Eye Tracking Laboratory conducts research in partnership with the Eye Tracking Laboratory at Clemson University, South Carolina in the United States. 

Centre for Complexity and Conflict partners with the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University in the United States. More information>>

Cross-faculty Cooperation

Youth Research LAB [Młodzi w Centrum LAB] conducts interdisciplinary research into the behaviors and habits of youth at various stages of life and professional activity. The Lab focuses on social, cognitive and emotional skills of teenagers and works towards strategies that help young people face the challenges of modern life.

Support for Scientific Research

The Centre for Psychological Assessment Techniques supports academics and students in the choice of textbooks or psychological assessment tools appropriate for the research projects they are conducting. 

The Experimental Research Laboratory provides research equipment for computerized assessments. 

State-of-the-art Research Equipent

To create the best research environment for academics and students, the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw has equipped its laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment for psychophysiological research, including an eye-tracker for capturing eye movements, an electroencephalograph for brain activity mapping, a galvanometer to measure electrodermal activity, electromyography equipment used to record and evaluate the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles, and EEG amplifiers for the measurement of bioelectrical brain activity. 


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