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The Faculty Council is an advisory body to the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology. It makes all major decisions related to the functioning of the Faculty of Psychology. Additionally, the Council charts Faculty development plans, approves programs and specializations, and develops programs aimed at improving the education process. Members of the Council include academic teachers, researchers, as well as doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students.


  • Associate Professor Hanna Bednarek – Dean of the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw


  • Assistant Professor Agata Wytykowska - Kaczorek – Vice-Dean for Student Affairs
  • Assistant Professor Agata Zabłocka – Vice Dean for Educational Affairs
  • Associate Professor Kamila Jankowiak-Siuda – Head of the Department of Biological and Behavioral Psychology
  • Professor Andrzej Falkowski – Head of the Department of Economic and Business Psychology
  • Assistant Professor Aneta Dowgiert – Head of the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Professor Jerzy Trzebiński – Head of the Department of Social and Personality Psychology
  • Assistant Professor Michał Olszanowski – Head of the Department of Cognitive, Development and Education Psychology
  • Assistant Professor Sylwia Bedyńska – Head of the Department of Psychological Research Methods
  • Assistant Professor Joanna Dudek – Dean's Representative for Electives in English
  • Assistant Professor Agata Jastrzębowska-Tyczkowska – Dean's Representative for Alumni Affairs
  • Assistant Professor Anna Siwy - Hudowska – Dean's Representative for Electives
  • Assistant Professor Olga Białobrzeska – Dean's Representative for the Quality of Education
  • prof. dr hab. Magdalena Marszał-Wiśniewska – Dean's Representative for Thesis Seminars
  • Teaching Assistant Błażej Mroziński – Dean's Representative for the SONA program, Head of the Experimental Research Lab
  • Assistant Professor Małgorzata Wawrzyniak – Dean's Representative for Volunteering, Supervisor of the 1st year part-time psychology program
  • Assistant Professor Rafał Albiński – Coordinator of the Psychology in English Program
  • Assistant Professor Maksymilian Bielecki – Coordinator of the Cognitive Neuroscience Specialization
  • Associate Professor Alicja Grochowska – Coordinator of the Business Specialization and Path
  • Assistant Professor Karolina Mazurowska – Coordinator of the Global MINDS program
  • Professor Paweł Ostaszewski – Coordinator of the Psychology of Behavior Shaping and Modification Specialization
  • Assistant Professor Monika Suchowierska - Stephany – Coordinator of the Clinical Psychology Program
  • Assistant Professor Łukasz Tanaś – Dean's Representative for International Cooperation, Coordinator of the Applied Psychology Program
  • Assistant Professor Anna Orylska – Supervisor of the 1st year full-time Psychology Program
  • Associate Professor Aneta Brzezicka – Head of the Neurocognitive Research Center
  • Assistant Professor Krzysztof Krejtz – Head of the Eyetracking Research Center
  • Assistant Professor Konrad Maj – Head of the HumanTech Center for Research on Social and Technological Innovation
  • Assistant Professor Agnieszka Popiel – Head of the Advanced Clinical Studies and Therapy Excellence Center
  • Assistant Professor Ewelina Smoktunowicz – Head of StresLab: Stress Research Center
  • Associate Professor Aleksandra Cisłak – Head of the Center for Research on Social Relations
  • Professor Grzegorz Sędek – Head of the Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Cognitive Studies (ICACS)
  • Assistant Professor Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak – Head of the Academic Center for Educational and Social Innovation (AKCES)
  • Associate Professor Wojciech Białaszek – Vice-Director of the Institute of Psychology, Head of DecisionLab: Center for Behavioral Research in Decision Making
  • Sylwia Zych – Head of the Dean's Office
  • Julia Wesołowska – student representative

Research Ethics Committee

  • Associate Professor Aleksandra Kroemeke – Chair
  • Associate Professor Aneta Brzezicka – Vice-Chair
  • Assistant Professor Agnieszka Chrzczonowicz-Stępień
  • Assistant Proffessor Maria Cyniak-Cieciura
  • Assistant Professor Zuzanna Kwissa-Gajewska
  • Assistant Professor Magdalena Nowicka
  • Assistant Professor Anna Siwy-Hudowska
  • Assistant Professor Ewelina Smoktunowicz
  • Assistant Professor Bartosz Zalewski
  • Agnieszka Zydlewska – Secretary